Speedway® Wire Rope Hoists

Capacities from 1 to 5 Ton

Resources for Wright® Speedway®
> Download Speedway Product Brochure
> Download Speedway® Engineering and Specifications Catalog
> Download Speedway® 5 Ton Monorail Brochure
> Download Speedway® Cross Mounted Close Headroom Brochure
> Download Speedway® Installation, Operation, Maintenance and Parts Manual

> Download Speedway® Hoist Storage Procedure  

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Wright® Speedway® Hoists are designed for H4 duty. All Speedway® hoists are engineered to your exact specifications. Choose from Monorail, Close Headroom Cross Mounted, Top Running Trolley or Deck Mounted Hoists as well as Base Mounted Winches.

Speedway® Hoists include features like:
  • Mechanical Load Brake
  • Single, Two Speed or VFD Controls
  • Motor Brake
  • Motor Thermostat
  • Overload Cutoff (optional)
  • Other options are available
Wright® Speedway® Hoists offer options for hazardous locations, spark resistant and explosion resistant hoists. To receive a quote, call your ACCO Material Handling Solutions Representative today.