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MANSAVER® grabs are available in a diverse range of capacities and sizes in motorized or completely mechanical models. MANSAVER® below the hook lifters can be custom engineered and built to your requirements, or ordered from the pre-engineered standard product offering to accomodate a multitude of different lifting situations. The quality and durability built into each grab has made MANSAVER® an industry standard since 1944. In fact, many of the MANSAVER® grabs built decades ago are still in service today.

MANSAVER® Pre-Engineered Grabs® include:

  • All types of Lifting Beams, J-Hook Beams and Load Beams
  • All Types of C-Hooks
  • All types of Coil Grabs and Vertical Coil Grabs
  • All types of Sheet, Plate and Tray Lifters
  • Ingot and Billet Grabs
  • Horizontal and Vertical Ingot Grabs
  • All types of Slab Grabs
  • Roll Grabs, Paper Roll Grabs and Paper Roll Rollover Grabs
  • Telescoping Turnover Grabs
  • Diametrical Telscoping Grabs
  • End Gripping Grabs
  • Bale Grabs
  • C-Frame Fork Lifters and Swing Fork Lifters
  • Round Stock Grabs
  • Rack Grabs
  • Drum Turnover Grabs
  • Rotating Hook and Bottom Blocks
  • Telescoping Bun Grabs
MANSAVER® Factory Rebuilding Service
ACCO Material Handling Solutions can rebuild your existing Mansaver® grabs and restore them to optimal working condition. We guarentee a quick turn-around, quality workmanship, and service after the sale, supported by our ACCO Warranty for restored grabs and lifters. Have your below the hook lifter restored for a lot less than the cost of a new device.