Cranes and Monorails



LOUDEN® and Trambeam® Underhung Cranes offer extreme versatility in load handling. Underhung Crane Systems are unique in their ability to transfer loads between adjacent cranes in one bay, between cranes in adjacent bays, and between buildings with ease. Underhung Cranes can be used for most material handling applications, including:

  • Receipt of raw or semi-finished materials or parts
  • Storage of materials or parts
  • Transportation of raw material or parts to the production areas
  • Movement on production lines
  • From production lines to the loading dock
  • Loading operations

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Monorail Systems

LOUDEN® and Trambeam® Monorail Systems can be used for many material handling applications … from receipt of raw material to delivery of finished goods. Monorail Systems move loads along fixed routes, using any number of switches and transfer sections to customize the route of the load to satisfy a variety of material handling requirements.

Carriers for MonoraiI Systems are either hand propelled or power driven, or a combination of both. When power driven, they may be controlled by pendant, cab, or from a remote station. In some cases, loads are automatically moved for a predetermined distance, then moved under manual control at load or unload
areas. Loads can be moved non-stop, or they may be programmed to stop at intermediate stations along the route.

All types of Hoisting Mechanisms can be used with Monorails. A wide variety of below-the-hook lifting devices designed to handle many different sizes and types of loads can be suspended from the hoist.

Benefits of Monorail Systems:

  • Primarily designed to operate overhead and not interfere with ground level activities.
  • Design flexibility. Monorail systems can be designed to accomplish virtually any material handling requirement though the use of switches and transfer sections.
  • Monorail systems can easily interconnect with cranes and other monorails systems within the same facility.


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