WRIGHT® Top Running End Trucks

WRIGHT® end trucks, crane drives and accessories provide years of worry free operation.  

Engineered to fit virtually any application.
Wright® interchangeable components allow you to customize a crane to fit your requirements. Choose from the vast selection of single components to configure your system, or pick from one of our crane kit selections which includes end trucks, drives with motors and brakes and controls.

Quality and durability beyond your expectations
Wright® crane products and accessories are backed by over 100 years of lifting experience. Simply put, they are built to last.

Resources for Wright® Top Running End Trucks
> Download Series 430 Top Running Crane Components Brochure

> Download Stock Series 430 Top Running Crane Components Program Brochure
> Download Series 430 End Truck Instruction and Parts Manual

> Download Series 440 Top Running End Trucks Brochure
> Download Series 440 End Truck Instruction and Parts Manual

> Download End Truck Accessories Electrical Controls Installation, Operation and Parts Manual
> Download End Truck Accessories Hand-Geared Drive Instruction and Parts Manual
> Download End Truck Accessories No. 1 Flange-Mounted, Reducer, Motor and Brake Instruction and Parts Manual

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 End Trucks Feature:

  • Push, hand geared and dual motor applications
  • Bolted girder connection plates        
  • Flange type gear reducer mounting plates
  • Double flange wheels for 30# thru 80# A.S.C.E. Rail
  • Hardened wheels (5 & 10 ton capacities)
  • Heavy duty construction

Crane Drives Feature:

  • Single speed motors
  • Direct bolt flange mounting
  • Cast aluminum gasketed housing
  • Adjustable A.C. disc type brakes
  • Case hardened gearing
  • 30 min., Class“F” insulation,UL & CSA approved motors
  • Motors protected with automatic reset normally closed thermostats 

Control Kits Feature:

Single speed control kits consist of reversing contactors, 100 VA control transformer (115 volt is standard), mainline contactor, ACM, and fuse block (less fuses). All of these features are enclosed in a NEMA 4/12 steel cabinet with a hinged door and a 30 amp through the door manual disconnect switch.

ACM (Acceleration Control Module)
The WRIGHT® ACM control is a solid state control that supplements single speed, three phase trolley and bridge motor controls to regulate the starting torque and acceleration. It checks the initial rush of current to the motor, and allows smooth acceleration from start to full rated speed.

VFD (Variable Frequency Drive)
The variable frequency drive control kit has the same features as the single speed control kit only the reversing contactors are replaced with an Electromotive IMPULSE G+ and CMAA Class “C” braking resistors. Thermal overload protection is also included. The VFD is factory preset at 2 speed for a 3:1 speed ratio.