TRAMBEAM® Trolleys and Crane Components

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Trambeam® Suspension Components

Trambeam® features a gimbal suspension system that uses multiplane washers at each end of the hanger rod to provide a gimbal assembly. Tapered planes on the top surface of the washers are positioned at right angles to the tapered planes on the bottom surface. This allows free rod movement of 6 degrees in any direction.



Trambeam® End Trucks
Trambeam® End Trucks are engineered for peak performance. Minimum maintenance is required, usually performed during routine inspection. Trambeam End Trucks are available for light duty single girder, standard single girder and double girder cranes.

Trambeam® Trolleys
Trambeam® carriers are engineered to provide efficient and stable operation for the life of the crane system. Trambeam offers a complete line of manual and motor-driven carriers with outstanding build quality designed for long term service.

Trambeam® Crane Drives
Trambeam® offers two types of crane drives, a motor driven head and a tractor drive. Both are used for propelling Trambeam® cranes and carriers. Each is available in a wide range of speeds and horsepower selections. Each drive operates as an individual unit and will eliminate the necessity of a squaring shaft between the tracks.