LOUDEN® Monorail Systems

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LOUDEN® Monorail Systems can be used for many different material handling applications ... from receipt of raw material to delivery of finished goods.Monorail Systems move loads along fixed routes as illustrated below, using any number of switches and/or transfer sections to alter the route of the load.

Carriers for MonoraiI Systems can be either hand propelled or power driven. When power driven, they may be controlled for precise load handling. In some cases, loads can be automatically moved for a predetermined distances, then moved under manual control at load or unload areas. Loads can be moved non-stop, or they may be programmed to stop at intermediate stations along the route.

All types of carriers can be used with Monorails. A wide variety of below-the-hook lifting devices designed to handle many different sizes and types of loads can be suspended from the carrier. 


Benefits of LOUDEN® Monorail Systems:



  • A Monorail system is primarily designed to operate overhead and not interfere with ground level activities.
  • Monorail systems use Patented Track that feature a flat, hard alloy operating flange designed specifically for crane and monorail systems, increasing the life of the material handling system and components.
  • LOUDEN® Monorail systems can be designed with switches, interlocks, transfer sections and more ... giving you complete flexibility to move loads where, and when you want them within your facility.
  • The Patented Track used for monorail systems is suspended by a flexible gimbal suspension system designed to absorb the force applied by the carrier and reduce stress on structural building components.


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