LOUDEN® Interlocking Devices



LOUDEN® interlocking capabilities allow
material movement without costly rehandling.

LOUDEN® Latching devices range from light duty, hand operated latches to heavy duty motor operated latches. LOUDEN® interlocking devices are designed to provide positive latching with tracks aligned both horizontally and vertically.

LOUDEN® offers manual operated interlocks up to 10 ton capacity and motorized latches up to 20 ton capacity.


Hand Operated Latch
A Hand Operated Latch is used for light and medium duty crane and monorail operations. Latching mechanisms give positive track alignment  needed for smooth operation of trolley wheels through the latching point.

Motor-Operated Latch
A Motor Operated Latch is used for heavy duty crane and monorail operations. This latch is equipped with a channel shaped guide which functions with a heavy roller mounted on the back to allow latching and proper track alignment.



Transfer Section
A transfer section mounts onto adjacent crane runways providing a means for the load to move from one crane to another across a building column line without costly rehandling. Any deflections are equalized, permitting smooth passage of the trolley wheels.




Spur Track
A Spur Track support is used to provide smooth passage of trolley wheels over the transfer joint from crane to monorail. Since the end of the spur track is supported on the crane runway, any deflections at the ends of the crane bridge and spur track are equalized. No other support of the spur track should be provided close to a spur track support, this would upset its equalizing effect.



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